Deanna Lyons

Seeking a more light-hearted approach to life? Ready for a lasting and sustainable change? Want to become your best self? Then it’s time to let go of old patterns,  events, or memories that you can’t seem to shake no matter what you’ve tried before, I’m Deanna Lyons and I can work with you to restore your energy.

Not long ago I was too! And that’s why I sought out everything I could to help break free from the chains that seemed to bind me most of my life. The eclectic blend of modalities I now offer was the answer I was looking for. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you.  

Along with my clients, we have experienced these benefits and more:

Ability to confidently face challenges that seemed insurmountable before.

Feeling good more than feeling bad or anxious.

A general sense of well being even in the face of adversity.

Unexpected benefits~after working on one issue, others “miraculously” were also better.

Freedom to choose how we feel.

More laughter.

Better relationships.

More energy.


More compassion for others.


Specializing In

Relationship with food and your body 

Stress anxiety


Clearing old memories and events

Overcoming obstacles to setting and achieving goals

Relationship issues

And more….

Modalities Used

The PAUSE Model of Spiritual Counseling

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Matrix and Matrix Birth Reimprinting


Conscious Healing

Energy balancing

And more….

Upcoming Events

EFT Level I & II

Level I – September 14-15, Reno NV

Level II – October 19-20, Reno NV 

This comprehensive EFT course provides instruction in understanding and utilizing Emotional Freedom Techniques with emotional dysregulation, negative and limiting belief structures and somaticized physical issues. The course provides an overview of the discovery and development of meridian tapping techniques and explains the effect of EFT ‘tapping’ on the limbic brain with regard to stress, fight or flight, and the freeze response. The course addresses applying EFT in group settings, with children, divorce and break up issues and with clients experiencing severe emotional distress. Upon successful completion of this course, students are awarded 28 contact hours of continuing education credits.

Both Classes can be taken by Psychologists and Nurses for Continue Education Credits in the State of Nevada. MFT Board Pending. 

Can lead to certification for an additional cost. See Rob Nelson’s details here. 



Sacred Nourishment Retreat

September 17th, AWAKE n NETWORKS 

What if it’s not all or nothing? What if whatever you choose to eat isn’t right or wrong? What if you could tune into whatever you choose to eat and notice it’s taste, texture, colors and how you are feeling WHILE you are eating? You might be surprised to find out!

The Mindful Feminist

October 5, 2019

Spend an afternoon in this interactive seminar learning more about:

  • Feminism and social justice
  • Mindful living as a woman in the contemporary world
  • Positive Mental Health
  • Self-Care Habits

Come join us on Oct 5, 2019 from 1-3pm

The event will be located at UNR Innovation Center

450 Sinclair Street

Reno, NV 89501

Cost: $30

Sacred Nourishment Retreat

November 1-3, Myrtle Beach

Imagine…’s Friday afternoon November 1st and you are on the Carolina beach…

Connecting with like-minded soul sisters as the sun slowly sinks, and a gentle breeze delights your senses…

…it’s the first incredible day spent laughing and connecting with new friends while you explore more fully who you truly are.

Ahhh…the sweet relaxation and beautiful connections!

Let us tell you more….


      “I am so glad you are doing this work! I feel safe and things are shifting so quickly!” 

S.K., Santa Rosa, CA