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Every person’s journey is unique.

Let’s connect and discover what best serves you on your path to freedom! 

Breakthrough the Overwhelm

Relief of Immediate Concerns

and Challenges

(3 sessions)

Expanded Awareness

Awaken to New Possibilities

(3 months)

Integrated Transformation

Deep Soul Transformation

(Custom plan)


Steph shares how things have evolved in her life after working with Deanna.

“For years I have struggled with mild panic attacks, some brought on by a fear of spiders. After meeting Deanna and her guidance with EFT, I have been able to stop panic attacks before they start. Her kind and caring personality combined with her knowledge and guidance has given me control where I have otherwise felt powerless. I apply her teachings to other areas of my life and I am now able to live my life with freedom, grace, and a clear mind.”   

Courtney Pennacchio

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