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Amy completed the 12 sessions Serenity Project: Make Peace with Food and Love Your Body Now package. This unscripted interview takes place one year later.

Judy from California: "I've truly enjoyed my experiences with you. They've had a profound effect on my sense of self and I can feel a renewing in my soul... Read More from Judy

I’ve truly enjoyed my experiences with you.  They’ve had a profound effect on my sense of self and I can feel a renewing in my soul.

The first three sessions helped me with my pattern of eating by bringing awareness to that action.  I’ve spent so much time “going away” when I ate that it has become a deeply ingrained habit and way of survival for me.  Partly it helped to quiet the self-recriminations that constantly played in my head as it absolved me from eating foods that I judged to be unhealthy for me.  And it seemed that eating was the only time I felt happiness.  But the exercises have moved me to a place of action, rather than hibernation.  I am moving more – exercising, choosing better foods, and not dissociating as much when I eat.  The sessions that focused on eating and my relationship with food in regard to my relationship with myself have changed very much. I even have had moments where I have felt authentic and deep gratitude for my body for how it has kept me alive and well all these years.  I don’t ever remember having gratitude for my body.  Ever.

The one session I have had so far in regard to energy work was amazing as well.  I felt such a sense of safety and ease during the meditation/energy healing.  I was shown the Truth of who I am (or rather, the Truth as much as I could accept for now!) and it was so sweet and so unifying for my heart, mind, body, and soul.  I really have just been “floating” this past week.  I had a few lessons that have shown me more deeply and clearly what some of my struggles have been or continue to be and I’m able to be quiet and reflect on such things with a deeper sense of connection to Spirit.  At this point, I feel I am just now beginning to integrate past knowledge and experiences with newfound awareness to complete more of the puzzle of who I’m supposed to be now.  This has brought about such a sense of peace and ease into my life.  I am so grateful for Deanna.  Her ability to create a safe space, hold that space, and clear her field to become a pure channel for the greater good of her clients is the testimony.  This is the gift of Deanna Lyons.

In gratitude,

Judy, California

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