Lowering Your

Sugar Thermostat

Has it been difficult to regulate the quantity of sugar you eat?

If so, there are some good reasons. And believe it or not, nothing is wrong with you! In this class, we will engage in a discussion to help you understand why this has been so challenging. We will also go through interactive exercises to experience ways to affect change in your sugar settings!


Ready to take control?

Your guides, Jane and Deanna, help people who struggle with their sugar intake to learn cutting-edge tools so they can feel in control of their desire for sugar and regulate their own consumption thermostat. They will share a wide variety of self-help techniques. The craving for sugar is often tangled with the natural need for connection, both internally and externally. In some cases, it may have become confused with self-care and a way to keep oneself separate from painful situations. It can also be a way to treat yourself to the sweetness of life. In order to survive, we are wired to find the quickest way to avoid pain and to seek pleasure. Sugar often is the quickest way to provide immediate relief.

Tools to add to your tool belt 

Since there are a variety of settings where sugar is encountered in our daily lives, there are multiple techniques available to adjust the sugar thermostat to meet your needs, depending on the circumstances. For instance, wouldn’t it be nice to attend a wedding and thoroughly enjoy a piece of cake, guilt-free? And wouldn’t it be nice to bypass the candy on your co-worker’s desk at work without feeling deprived?

Come and explore with Jane and Deanna some unique ways to regulate and gain control of your sugar thermostat. You’ll leave this workshop feeling more in control of your settings rather than them controlling you!


It’s so amazing to be able to walk into a restaurant and not be scared to death to eat.”

Tara Smith


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Tuesday, August 14     6-8 PM  Tuesday, August 21    6-8 PM

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