Become an EFT Practitioner

EFT 1 – February 5-6 Online

EFT 2 – February 26-27th Online


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EFT Level I & II

Whether you’d like to become a Certified Practitioner, add these amazing tools to your existing healing practice, or simply want to transform your own life and help loved ones, these workshops give you the best possible foundation for success.

Basic EFT is surprisingly simple. Our workshops go FAR beyond the basics and open up the full life-changing potential of tapping.  Learn how to rapidly clear anxiety, neutralize disturbing memories, erase addictive cravings and address physical conditions like allergies, pain,  etc. by releasing their emotional contributors. 


Dealing with Trauma

In Level 1, we dive deep into understanding and resolving traumatic memories, based on the work of Peter Levine and Dr. Robert Scaer. Students who didn’t want to ever deal with their traumatic memories tell us this section is worth the price of the workshop.


In Level 1 You’ll Learn:

  • What is EFT

  • What is it used for

  • Knowing what to say

  • The Basic Recipe and the 9 Gamut Procedure

  • Being Specific and Focusing on the Negative

  • Understanding Emotional Trauma

  • Secondary Gain

  • Cravings and Addictions

  • Protocols for Physical Issues

  • What to do when EFT isn’t working


In Level 2 You’ll Learn:

Taking EFT Deeper. 

EFT Level 1 Required

We’ll begin to explore using EFT with beliefs – eliminating limiting negative beliefs and also making affirmations really work.  This can be really fun and a great way of working with clients who may not be as open to direct emotional work (i.e, talk therapy).  We look at a number of fascinating ways of delivering EFT professionally and with friends and loved ones.

  • Techniques for Severe Distress and Overwhelm

  • EFT for Limiting Beliefs

  • Finding Core Beliefs and Core Issues

  • Delivering EFT in Groups

  • Working with Children

  • Surrogate Tapping

  • EFT for Relationships

  • Making Affirmations Work with EFT

  • Standards and Best Practices for Professional Practitioners

Who Can Benefit From This Course

We teach anyone who wants to work on self-growth and healing.  This is also a course for professionals who work with people who have experienced traumatic events and those who work with children and adults with a variety of issues such as divorce, death, and high-intensity events.

Continuing Education Credits

28 hours of Continuing Education available when both levels are completed.  The cost is $50. Please request CEs two weeks in advance of the first workshop. 

This course qualifies as continuing education units for LPCC’s, MFTs, Nurses, Psychologists, and Social Workers in most states. Upon successful completion of both EFT 1 and 2 courses, students are awarded 28 hours of continuing education credits.  (Both classes must be taken in order to receive CEUs.) Please check here for your board and your state.

If your state is not listed, please check with your board as they may accept it with reciprocity from a neighboring state. A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Interested in being certified? EFT Level 1 and 2 are the required foundation courses. Click here to learn more.

New Student Pricing and Discounts

EFT Level 1 – $415 early bird before Jan 5th. $445 regular. February 5-6h. 

EFT Level 2 – $415 early bird before Jan 26th. $445 regular. February 26-27th 

Sign up for both and SAVE! $800 before January 5th, $860 after.

Requesting CEU’s? Add $50. Please apply 2 weeks before the 1st class to allow time for processing.

FROM November 247th to December 5th Enjoy Huge Savings!!

 Purchase by 12/6 and receive $50 off each level. That’s a savings of $100 if you register for both. 
Use code HOLIDAY if you sign up by yourself.


Sign up with a friend for a Friends Discount of $75 off each workshop – up to $150 for each person.


Retake students are not eligible for this discount, however, their new friends may apply the discount.  

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a course if it is not meeting the minimum numbers. If we do so, any funds paid directly to us for the course will be refunded in full or can be applied towards a future event.

Retake Student Pricing and Discounts

Retake Students (Tapping the Matrix Academy Only) – EFT Level 1 & 2 – $100 each ($200 for both)  Retake Students (EFT Universe, AAMET, etc.) – EFT Level 1 & 2 – $250 each ($500 for both)

Refund Policy

100% refund for cancellations 30 days before the event, less a $25 administration fee. 50% refund for cancellations 29 – 8 days before the event. 0% refund 7 days or less prior to the event. However, you may apply your paid tuition toward a future course.


Deanna Lyons is a Certified Trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques for Tapping the Matrix Academy. Deanna works with people who are stressed out and ready to do something different to gain freedom from the obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors that accompany that stress. She skillfully guides clients to feel liberated and alive … even in the midst of chaos!

One of her passions is working with people who are fed up with conflicting advice about what to eat and helps them break free from the obsession to feel comfortable today!

Deanna utilizes time tested tools and cutting edge techniques to bridge the mind, body, and spirit. She has certifications in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and more.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Deanna Directly. 

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